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MultiBoot Flash Filth Edition 3.1

PostagemEnviado: 31 Jul 2012, 11:18
por Master Portugas
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MultiBoot Flash Filth Edition 3.1 (2012)


MultiBoot Flash Filth Edition 3.1 (2012)
Win XP,7 | 18.7 GB

MultiBoot Flash Filth Edition 2012 3.1 - a multiboot flash drive, replacing CD drive, from Windows to a flash drive, will install Windows from a flash drive or boot from a flash drive as a normal hard drive. In the boot menu also includes many kinds of programs and utilities.

First MultiBoot Flash Filth Edition 2012 1.3 is designed for netbooks and computers, in which there is no CD drive. Works with any USB flash drive, even with a mobile phone or camera.

The FAT32 file system for all modules.
Fixed a problem writing Windows XP x64
Changed the way to boot ERD Commander 5 (now loaded from the folder minint)
Added Windows 7, Live x86 Special Edition 2k10
Added Windows 7, Live x64 Special Edition 2k10
Added Parted Magic 2012 Final (Loads in 4 different modes)
Added AntiSMS 2.3 x86 + x64 Simplix Edition
Added AntiWinLockerLiveCD v.3.3 + uVSv.3.74 RUS instead AntiWinLockerLiveCD v.3.3 (loaded from the folder source)
Added Anti AVIRA Rescue System CD
Added Anti Dr.Web LiveCD 6.0
Possibility to replace the Linux Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS on Linux Ubuntu 12.04 LTS as 32 and 64 bit version. (The distribution is present)
Ability to add the Windows Server 2003 R1 SP2.
Ability to add the Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1.

System requirements:
PC-compatible computer with a RAM of 256 MB with the ability to boot from USB.
For Windows Xp and Windows 7

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